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Residents of Middle and West Wichel

The management of open spaces and communal areas in Middle and West Wichel will be overseen by an Estate Management Company.

As development progresses areas of land will be handed over to the Management Company who have appointed FirstPort to manage the land on its behalf.

An introduction from Firstport:

"FirstPort are delighted to be the managing agents appointed to manage the shared spaces and communal facilities in Middle and West Wichel.

As part of the UK's largest property management firm with more than four decades of experience, FirstPort understand what it takes to manage developments, including Wichelstowe, successfully.

Happy customers, in a well-maintained, attractive and compliant development with a residential property management programme that clearly demonstrates value for money is the foundation of what FirstPort do, alongside delivering thriving vibrant communities where you love to live.

FirstPort are committed to the highest property management and customer service standards.

You can find out more about FirstPort here:

We look forward to meeting with you soon."

For more information on FirstPort's role at Wichelstowe, please click here.

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