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Residents of
Middle and West Wichel

The management of open spaces and communal areas in Middle and West Wichel will be overseen by an Estate Management company.

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Residents of
East Wichel

A thriving community exists in East Wichel with the East Wichel Residents’ Association holding regular events to bring people together. The flourishing StoweAway Community Centre offers a range of activities from dance classes to scout groups there is always plenty to do.

Find out about what’s happening at the Stoweaway Community Centre in East Wichel.

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Wichelstowe Events.

Find out about the latest news and events happening at Wichelstowe.

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The Wichelstowe
Community Card.

Find out about the new and exciting Wichelstowe Community card.

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Getting Around

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Wichelstowe is served by Stagecoach Service 9
and Thamesdown Transport Service 11

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Walking & Cycling

The Southern Flyer Cycle Route links Wichelstowe
with Swindon Town Centre

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