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Canal bank works to start

The Council’s canal restoration works are reaching another important milestone. The contractor, has drained the canal having rescued approximately 7000 fish in the process and the temporary platform within the canal basin has been constructed.

On the 14th May a specialist contractor will commence installing sheet piles to support the towpath on the western bank of the canal. The pile installation will start at the south end of the scheme and work towards the bridge at Foxham Way.

The pile installation will be carried out using modern purpose built equipment which is capable of driving the sheet piles through the stiff underlying clay. This technique has been chosen to minimise the noise and vibration often associated with piling activities and the nuisance this might cause. Every effort is being made to ensure that any disruption to neighbours is kept to a minimum and works will be strictly limited to weekday daytime periods.        

It is anticipated that these works will take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Canal Foxham Way South 1
Canal Foxham Way South 2