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Industry-leading electric vehicle charging network installed

Award-winning electric vehicle (EV) charging technology is being installed this week at one of Swindon’s largest housing developments in an industry-leading move to increase the use of environmentally friendly transport.

Installed in the ground alongside over a hundred parking bays at Wichelstowe, the technology will allow residents and visitors to charge their cars from shared parking spaces. This is one of the first developments in the country to include electric vehicle charging facilities beyond private driveways.

Environmental sustainability is a core commitment for the Joint Venture behind the development, which is made up of Barratt Developments and Swindon Borough Council. Over the next 20 years the partnership will deliver 3,000 new homes on the 250-hectare site, along with three primary schools and a secondary school, which is now open and extensive open spaces including playing pitches, allotments and nature conservation areas.

The first phase of 208 highly sustainable homes are currently being finalised by five-star housebuilders Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes with the first residents moving in later this summer. It is hoped that offering such extensive and open access to EV charging facilities will encourage home buyers and residents to choose electric vehicles.

Provided by market-leading EV technology company, Connected Kerb, the infrastructure will support over 130 charging points across the development with 20 active chargers immediately installed into shared parking bays. The unique split design, with chargers housed safely below ground connected to a small plug-in socket or wireless charging pad above ground, makes for a small, sleek roadside units.

Witnessing the first connections and cables being installed, Councillor David Renard, Leader of Swindon Borough Council and JV Board Member said:

“I’m proud to see Wichelstowe leading the way again with an electric vehicle charging network that is available to visitors as well as residents and whether you live in a four-bedroom home with a driveway or a stylish waterside apartment. Having such an extensive network of charge points will help give people the confidence to make the switch to electric.”

Wichelstowe project director Daniel Pavely added:

“In line with our strong commitment to sustainability and the environment, the electric vehicle charging network at Wichelstowe is bold and forward-thinking. Installed in the ground alongside parking bays, the technology will allow the residents and their visitors to be able to charge their electric vehicle from the shared parking facilities – unlike many other developments where this is only really possible for people with driveways.

“As well as installing ready-to-use chargers, the system will make electric vehicles a realistic, practical choice for hundreds of residents who will be able to benefit and connect to an EV network.”

Connected Kerb’s chief operating officer, Andy Carr added: “The EV revolution is here and the Wichelstowe Project is an example of the innovative approach needed for the inclusion of EV charging infrastructure in new residential developments.”