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Estate Management

Wichelsowe includes acres of open space which provide opportunities for residents to enjoy the local environment and habitats for the local wildlife.

As Middle and West Wichel develops the surrounding open spaces will be improved with new footpaths, cycleways and habitats to encourage wildlife. As work in these areas is completed the Estate Management Company will take responsibility for maintaining the areas. In East Wichel areas will generally be handed over to the local Parish Council for maintenance.

The open space areas will include:

Footways and Cycleways

A network of trails will be developed providing routes which are perfect for walking and running throughout the year. The towpath along the canal will form a key route linking the areas of development together and a boardwalk will provide a link through the central green spine.

Within the developed area, two Green Street will provide footpath links east/west through the area of West Wichel known as The Orchards and many streets will include formal tree planting providing attractive routes throughout the site.

Tree Planting

Thousands of new trees and shrubs will be planted within the open spaces providing homes for birds and bats and replacing hedgerows which have been impacted by development. Where possible existing areas of trees and hedgerow have also been retained and brought into management. Our dashboard on the Discover page keeps track of how many trees have been planted in Middle and West Wichel to date.

Attenuation Ponds

A key feature of the open spaces are the large attenuation ponds, lakes and swales which form part of the developments drainage strategy. This sustainable approach to drainage improves water quality and ensures water is managed in high rainfall events. They also provide great habitats for local wildlife.

Wildlife Ponds & Hibernacula

In addition to the attenuation ponds a number of ponds designed specifically for wildife have also been enhanced or created. These provide critical habitat for the sites population of Great Crested Newts as well as other newts, toad and water loving animals. When a new pond is created it is accompanied by a hibernacula which is created with piles of logs and soil providing opportunities for all sorts of creatures to hide away.

Grassland and Wildflower Meadow

Much of the green space around Wichelstowe has been designated as wildlife habitat and you will therefore see a mix of wildflowers and longer grasses which are cut on an infrequent basis. This natural approach may look a little less tidy but we think the benefits to wildlife are worth it!


Two sites have been allocated for the provision of allotments and these will become available as development progresses

Play Areas

A number of equipped play spaces will be constructed around the site and these will be complemented by informal areas of play alongside the trails through the open space areas.