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The Wilts and Berks Canal runs through the centre of the development and provides both a great place for residents to enjoy a waterside walk and a home for Wichelstowe's wildlife.

The historic route of the Wilts and Berks Canal runs through the Wichelstowe site and the development of the site for housing has provided an opportunity to both restore existing sections and construct new stretches of canal.

The canal attracts many birds, fish and butterflies. In particular keep your eyes peeled for the herons and if you are particularly lucky you might also spot a water vole. The eastern bank of the canal is designed with wildlife in mind, providing a mix of wildflowers and opportunities for water voles to create their burrows.

The canal also forms part of the developments drainage system with rainfall from the housing areas being channelled into the canal before being released into balancing ponds and then the river network.

You can find out more about the plans for the wider canal network and to get involved with the Canal Trust on their website.

Wilts & Berks Canal Trust

The current stretch of canal will be extended alongside development to connect with the stretch already constructed in East Wichel. Find the latest updates about the East Wichel canal on our news page.