TV, Broadband & Telephone Provision

Television, broadband and telephone provision are key considerations for all new developments. The UK is slowly replacing out-dated copper networks with high speed fibre networks, and new developments have the opportunity to install this modern technology from the outset.

East Wichel

East Wichel is at the forefront of this revolution and has a future-proof fibre network.

To solve the issue of poor television reception, a Community Aerial and Satellite System (CAS) is in operation on the development, delivering television signals to each property via a communal mast. The CAS system is operated by Fibre TV To Home (FTTH) and is delivered via the fibre network.

Voice and Data services are also provided across the fibre network. Whilst, currently, only two service providers, seethelight and Beaming Ltd, are available to East Wichel residents,the network is open to other service providers and the network provider IFNL is working hard to add both choice and competition in the very near future. IFNL has issued a statement (February, 2013) on the current status and future service provision options. To view this statement, please click on the link below.

Click to open file: IFNL Residential Choice Statement 0.16Mb 31 May 2013

Providers work to ensure their pricing is competitive. However, people’s use of this technology naturally varies and for this reason potential property purchasers are advised to check that current supply and contract arrangements can meet their needs. This is particularly important if any specialist requirements are envisaged.

Additional information on the fibre network is provided in the two documents below.

Click to open file: Information on Selection of Fibre Network 0.02Mb 30 March 2010

Click to open file: The Fibre Network At East Wichel 0.03Mb 25 June 2012

Contact Information

Television services are provided by FTTH. Email:

Telephone and broadband are provided by:

Seethelight: 0845 051 1668.

Beaming Ltd: 0800 0822868.


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