Construction Traffic Rules

All construction traffic travelling to and from the Wichelstowe development must use the approved routes for construction vehicles, which are shown on the map below.


Construction Route Update 3

The Wichelstowe developers require all contractors and sub-contractors working on the site to adhere to these agreed routes, which are designed to minimise nuisance for residents living in the surrounding communities.

Detailed records are maintained of the vehicle registration number, date and time of all visits made to the construction sites. The developers will take the appropriate action against any contractors/suppliers who are found to be flouting the rules – including, if necessary, banning them from the site.

If you believe that Wichelstowe construction traffic is travelling on local routes that have not been approved, please let us know as soon as possible.

You can do this by filling out the form below and emailing it to us. Please complete as much of the form as you can. This will help us to identify whether or not a Wichelstowe contractor is operating the vehicle. It will normally only be possible to trace the vehicle with a full registration number.


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Following consultation on options for a proposed quality bus corridor in Old Town and at Mannington in December 2016, a scheme for the whole route between Wichelstowe and Swindon town centre has been developed. If the proposals are agreed, the scheme will be designed in detail later in 2017. The plans are available to view […]

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Wichelstowe District Centre Design Code Public Consultation

In accordance with Condition 6 of the Wichelstowe Outline Planning Permission (reference: S/13/1524) a new Design Code has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority for the District Centre within Middle Wichel. The remaining urban areas within Middle and West Wichel will be design coded and submitted separately at a later date. Wichelstow Design Code […]

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East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone

The East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone came into operation on 2 October 2016. Within the Zone parking is now prohibited at all times except in the marked bays.  The Zone boundary is clearly indicated to motorists entering the area and there are reminder signs throughout the Zone.  Bays where parking is permitted are marked by […]

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