Southern Development Area Planning Documentation

This section contains all initial planning documentation for Wichelstowe, formerly known as the Southern Development Area.

Date Title and Information
Aug 2003 Environmental Statement

Proposed Southern Development Area Environmental Statement last revised August 2003.In accordance with the requirements of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999, Taylor Woodrow have produced an Environmental Statement to accompany its planning application for the Wichelstowe development.The Environmental Statement identifies the potential impacts of the development on the surrounding environment, and where necessary, proposes mitigation measures to overcome harmful impacts. The Statement has been divided into six volumes.Volume 1 consists of the Scoping Report, prepared in January 2002, for the purposes of consultation on the emerging proposals for the site; and the Context for the Proposed Development, which describes the background to and principles for the development on the site.

Volume 2 contains the Environment Assessment of the Proposal, which explains the assessment methods used, provides the information necessary to assess the effects of the proposal on all relevant aspects of the physical and human environment on a subject-by-subject basis, relating to all stages in the development and post-development process, including proposed mitigation measures to minimise or compensate for adverse impacts, and concluding with an overview of predicted effects.

Aug 2003 Environmental Statement Non-Technical

Basic summary of the Environmental Statement for the Southern Development Area.

Aug 2003 Outline Planning Application

Summary of planning application for the Southern Development Area last revised August 2003

Aug 2003 Technical Appendices (Document is available to inspect at the Swindon Borough Council Offices, Premier House.)Volumes 3 – 6 contain the background technical reports in relation to the assessments undertaken, and are sub-divided into subject categories. The technical appendices also include the transport impact assessment undertaken in relation to the development.
July 2002 Sustainability Statement

Sustainability statement for the Southern Development Area.

Aug 2003 Supplementary Sustainability Statement

Changes to 2002 Sustainability report for the Southern Development Area.

Aug 2003 Retail Impact Assessment

Assessment of impact of the Southern Development Area on retail, last revised August 2003.

July 2002 Statement of Public Consultation

Public consultation statement in regards to the Southern Development Area.

Aug 2003 Supplementary Statement for Public Consultation

Importance of public consultation for the Southern Development Area.

Aug 2003 Southern Development Area Masterplan Document

Initial masterplan concept document for the Southern Development Area.

Aug 2003 Landscape and Nature Conservation Strategy

Initial concept of conservation of natural landscape and nature strategy in the Southern Development Area.

July 2002 Appendices for Planning Documentation

Appendix for planning Southern Development statements and planning concepts.

2002 Pre Application Consultation

Prior to the submission of a planning application, Taylor Woodrow decided to undertake an extensive programme of public consultation. This was designed to ensure that the people of Swindon were aware of the constraints influencing the development and to provide the opportunity for the community to put forward their thoughts and ideas to help influence the creation of a masterplan for the site.

2002 Exhibition Results

Following the public exhibitions that took place across Swindon during February and March 2002, the comments received from the local community were analysed in the report.

2002 Stakeholder Report

Taylor Woodrow, also organised a stakeholder workshop, chaired by an independent facilitator, to give local groups and organisations the opportunity to work interactively with members of the project team on key issues influencing the creation of a masterplan. The report, produced by BDOR, gives a breakdown of the workshop and details the discussions that took place.

2002 Sustainable Transport Package

Explanation of measures investigated and are planned to be implemented as part of the proposals. The planning application assesses the impact of the development on the surrounding highway network and proposes a variety of transportation measures designed to reduce its impact.