Outline Planning Permission Amendments

Swindon Borough Council, in its capacity as landowner, submitted two planning applications to the Local Planning Authority in order to make a number of amendments to the Wichelstowe Outline Planning Permission. The two applications are summarised below.

Time Extension Application (S/TIME/13/1521);

To extend the timeframe for the implementation of the Outline Planning Permission, reference S/02/2000MWT, by a further 10 years.

Section 73 Application (S/13/1524);

To make changes to the consented Land Use Masterplan (LUMP) to improve its viability and reflect current best practice in key areas, replacing the LUMP with a new LUMP 2

To make changes to the infrastructure delivery related to planning conditions which limit the number of dwellings that can be occupied across the Site relative to the delivery of infrastructure

To secure a reduction in the affordable housing requirement by an amendment to Condition No. 73 of the outline planning permission, reference S/02/2000.

The documentation submitted in support of the application is listed below. The Planning Statement provides an overview of the application and an explanation as to the information provided in the other documents:

1) Planning Statement
Click to open file: 3555_PlanningStatement_Issue_131015_21102013105358.pdf

2) Environmental Statement Supplement Volume 1
Click to open file: 3555_ESSupplementVol1_Issue_131016_21102013122637.pdf

A copy of the Environmental Statement that accompanied the original application can be found in the Southern Development Area Planning Documentation.

Southern Development Area Planning Documentation

3) Environmental Statement Supplement Non-Technical Summary
(Note, this is a summary of information provided in the Environmental Statement Volume 1 – see above)

Click to open file: 3555_ES_NonTechnicalSummary_Issue_131015_21102013105840.pdf

4) Environmental Statement Supplement Volume 2
(The contents list of this report is provided here. If you wish to view the documents they are available at the Council’s Offices. If you would like to be provided with a copy of any of the documents please email: wichelstowe@swindon.gov.uk

Click to open file: 3555_ESSupplementVolume2_131015_21102013105950.pdf

5) Masterplan Report

Click to open file: 3555_Masterplan-Report-FINAL-low-res-131015_21102013110055.pdf

6) Framework Plan Report

Click to open file: 3555_Framework-Plan-Report-FINAL-low-res-131015_21102013110152.pdf

7) Schedule of Condition Variations

Click to open file: 3555_PlanningConditionsVariationSchedule_Issue_131015web_21102013110323.pdf

8) Technical Notes

Click to open file: 3555_Technical_Notes_Issue_131015web_21102013110455.pdf

Click to open file: Pages_from_3555_Technical_Notes_PLANS_131015web_21102013111022.pdf

9) Nature Conservation Management Strategy

Click to open file: NCMS_Final_Oct_2013_-_web_optimised_Part_1_of_5_21102013111156.pdf

Click to open file: NCMS_Final_Oct_2013_-_web_optimised_Part_2_of_5_21102013111348.pdf

Click to open file: NCMS_Final_Oct_2013_-_web_optimised_Part_3_of_5_21102013111546.pdf

Click to open file: NCMS_Final_Oct_2013_-_web_optimised_Part_4_of_5_21102013111655.pdf

Click to open file: NCMS_Final_Oct_2013_-_web_optimised_Part_5_of_5_21102013111817.pdf

10) Viability Appraisal

Click to open file: Wichelstowe_-_Planning_Viability_Report_16-10-13_21102013111952.pdf

11) Statement of Community Involvement

Click to open file: 3555_StatementOfCommunityInvolvement_Issue_151013web_21102013112206.pdf

The deadline for comments was the 18th November 2013.