Middle Wichel District Centre Design Code


Design Codes provide important guidelines for the look and feel of Wichelstowe and the materials to be used.

In accordance with Condition 3 of the Southern Development Area (now known as Wichelstowe) Outline Planning Permission, a Design Code has been submitted for the District Centre within Middle Wichel.

Public consultation on the Wichelstowe District Centre Design Code ran for 21 days from Friday 30th November 2012 to Friday 21st December 2012. All comments on the Code needed to be made in writing and submitted by 4.30pm on Friday 21st December 2012.

The submission takes the form of two documents.

The first of these is the Planning Statement. This provides a supporting explanation to the submission. It covers such areas as planning strategy and design evolution, as well as commenting on considerations such as ground conditions, ecology and transportation.

The second document is the District Centre Code itself. This sets out the background, principles and proposed land use. Along with the Code detail, it has a series of sections, with illustration as appropriate, covering the many aspects which, together, will contribute to the overall design and function of the Centre. Subjects covered include: site context, vision and development character; the Centre framework plan; access and movement; infrastructure; drainage; energy and sustainability; public space; parking and landscaping.

Please note: these documents now incorporate comments received during the planning process and are the versions to be considered by the Planning Committee.

To view the Planning Statement, please click on the link below.

Click to open file: 3043_2_Planning_Statement_Final_130124_05022013181658.pdf

To view the District Centre Design Code main document, please click on the link below.

Click to open file: 3043_02_District_Centre_Design_Code_Final.130128small_05022013181604.pdf

If you wish to see information on previous consultation in relation to the District Centre please click on the link below.
Middle Wichel District Centre Information Events