Middle Wichel District Centre Information Events

Middle Wichel District Centre Design Code Consultation

Swindon Borough Council organised information events at the beginning of November 2012 as part of its consultation on the emerging plans for the District Centre at Wichelstowe.

Responses received were considered before finalising the version of the Code submitted for formal approval.

You can see the consultation material presented at these earlier events, and information on responses received, by clicking on the links below.

Click to open file: 052_Web_Update_06112_Consultation_Boards_22112012170622.pdf

Click to open file: 052A_District_Centre_Code_Consultation_Response_22112012170817.pdf

Please note that the information above is for background only. The deadline for responses was 15 November 2012.

To view the versions of the Design Code documents submitted for approval please click on the link below.

Middle Wichel District Centre