The Southern Development Area (SDA) was identified for development after two Examinations in Public and is confirmed in the current Structure Plan, which is now adopted by Wiltshire County Council and Swindon Borough Council.

The decision to develop on this area, however, has been the focus of much local debate, which culminated in a High Court challenge against the Structure Plan adoption brought forward by a local action group and a house builder with an interest in developing other parts of Swindon.

The High Court convened on 25 July 2001 and sat for four days. Mr Justice Ouseley gave careful consideration to the case and after nearly four months released his verdict (on 23 November 2001) – he found in favour of the existing Structure Plan, effectively giving the green light for development to take place on the SDA.

In creating a master plan for the SDA, careful consideration had to be given to the physical constraints affecting where and how development can actually take place on the site. The key constraints included water courses and related floodplain, scheduled ancient monuments, existing flora and fauna, access points, M4 and railway line, topography and the rural buffer.

An extensive programme of public consultation was also carried out between January and July 2002 to ensure the views and aspirations of the local community were considered when creating a master plan for the site.

Following the submission of the outline planning application responsibility for public consultation passed to Swindon Borough Council, which held a number of exhibitions and discussion forums.

As a result, a number of important amendments were made to the masterplan, the concept document is available to view by clicking on the following link – Document 9 (August 2003)

The master plan created was the result…

The masterplan has since been updated and is available to view by clicking on the link below:
Updated Masterplan

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