Housing Parcel Layout

New homes at East Wichel have been provided by a number of different house builders.

Various plans were submitted for each of the housing plots at East Wichel with proposals for house builders to work on certain plots.

The plan below shows the original proposals at the time of submission.

Please note: there may have been several revisions since submission of this document, therefore this information may be out of date and is provided as background guidance only.

Details of these applications are below:
Area WV.03
Area WV.04 
Area WV.07 
Area WV.08 
Area WV.10 
Area WV.13 
Area WV.14 
Area WV.15 
Area WV.16 
Area WV.17 
Area WV.20 
Area WV.21 
Area WV.25 
Area WV.30 
Area WV.31 
Area WV.33 
Area WV.34

Click on the relevant parcel on the map to view the detailed plans.

map key

wv03 wv04 wv07 wv08 wv10 wv13 wv14 wv15 wv16 wv17 wv20 wv21 wv25 wv30 wv31 wv33 wv34