East Wichel Design Codes

Detailed design codes setting the overall quality and character of new housing, public space and community buildings in East Wichel were approved by Swindon Borough Council on 9 January 2007 and are available to download from this page.

PDFs of the East Wichel Design Codes below

Click to open file: book1.pdf

Click to open file: SWC.DOC.052_Book 2_Rev I_compressed

Click to open file: WV.TR.1.pdf

Click to open file: WV.TR.2.pdf

Click to open file: WV.TR.3.pdf

Click to open file: WV.TR.4.pdf

Click to open file: WV.TR.5.pdf

Overall Wichelstowe Design Code

Click to open file: UB19A.pdf

October 2006

Independent Design Code Testing of East Wichel

Click to open file: UB19A.pdf

Click to open file: SHEET02.pdf

A design code is a set of specific rules or requirements to guide the physical development of an area. It aims to provide clarity about what constitutes acceptable design quality for developers and local communities and assists in accelerating the delivery of good quality new development.

An extensive programme of public consultation was carried out on the Design Codes in early 2005 and members of the public were given the opportunity to see and comment on the revised codes in October 2006.

A report on the details of the public consultation methods used and the results of the questionnaires received, as well as some of the key points from the focus groups and how they will be responded to as the design codes are developed, is available to download.

Click to open file: Public consultation report.pdf