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Wichelstowe Chronology

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1993 Review of the Wiltshire Structure Plan - including proposals for future expansion in Swindon
1995 First proposals for the site were put forward for consideration by Wiltshire County Council as structure planning authority
1996 First public proposal for the site considered as a comprehensive development to help meet Swindon's housing needs up to 2011
1997 Examination in Public (EiP), at which the proposals were open for public consideration and debate
1998 Swindon Development Appraisal Study concludes that Wichelstowe is the most appropriate and sustainable location to meet the town's future growth requirements up to 2011. This decision was endorsed by an extensive public consultation exercise that looked at alternative sites in the Borough
1999 Second EiP took place in November
2000 Independent Panel recommended that Wichelstowe should be the next strategic growth site at Swindon. Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire County Council accepted the Panel's recommendation and resolved to adopt the Structure Plan, including the proposals for Wichelstowe
2001 Front Garden Action Group (FRAG) and Bloor Homes launched an unsuccessful High Court Challenge against the Structure Plan and the green light was effectively given for Wichelstowe to go ahead
2002 An extensive programme of public consultation was undertaken on the proposals by Taylor Woodrow and an outline planning application submitted
2003 An amended planning application was submitted following amendments made as a result of the public consultation
2004 Swindon Borough Council resolved to grant planning permission on 24 January. In June the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister announced that there was no need for a public inquiry, which cleared the way for planning permission to be granted
2005 Public consultation was undertaken on the first stage of the Design Codes for the site and Outline Planning Consent was granted in May
2006 Infrastructure works commenced on site
2007 Book 1 (Overall Wichelstowe Code) and Book 2 (East Wichel) Design Codes Approved
2007 Contract 1 - Croft Road junction completed
2008 Construction of first homes began
2008 Contract 2/3 - Redposts Drive to Mill Lane Distributor Road completed
2009 First home occupations
2010 Building work commenced on East Wichel Community Primary School
2011 East Wichel Community Primary School opened