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Council Prepares Drawings And Information For East Wichel Restrictive Parking Zone and Bus Gate Traffic Regulation Orders - Formal Consultation Begins

The Council is preparing the final drawings and information required for the East Wichel restrictive parking zone and bus gate traffic regulation orders. Traffic Regulation Orders are legal documents and a statutory process is followed which involves formally advertising the restrictions before they can be implemented.

The formal consultation period in relation to waiting, loading restrictions and parking places lasts for 21 days from 2 October 2014. Objections and representations should be made by no later than 23 October 2014.

For further information and details on how to comment, please clickon the link below.

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New Free Secondary School Seeks Support

A new Free Secondary School needs your support.  Swindon soon won't have enough secondary school places, so the Church of England is applying for funding to create a new Free Secondary School in the South of Swindon.

Click on the link below for further details. 

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Application To Amend Wichelstowe Outline Planning Permission

Swindon Borough Council, in its capacity as landowner, has submitted two planning applications to the Local Planning Authority in order to make a number of amendments to the Wichelstowe Outline Planning Permission.  The two applications are summarised below.

Time Extension Application (S/TIME/13/1521);

  • To extend the timeframe for the implementation of the Outline Planning Permission, reference S/02/2000MWT, by a further 10 years.

Section 73 Application (S/13/1524);

  • To make changes to the consented Land Use Masterplan (LUMP) to improve its viability and reflect current best practice in key areas, replacing the LUMP with a new LUMP 2
  • To make changes to the infrastructure delivery related planning conditions which limit the number of dwellings that can be occupied across the Site relative to the delivery of infrastructure
  • To secure a reduction in the affordable housing requirement by an amendment to Condition No. 73 of the outline planning permission.

The supporting documentation and details of how to submit comments can be found on the Design pages by following the link below:

Outline Planning Permission Amendments|


Public Views Sought On Revised Wichelstowe Plans

Changes to plans for the future development of the 4,500 home Wichelstowe scheme, which will improve its financial viability and boost its environmental aims, have been out for public consultation.

The consultation ran for three weeks from Tuesday 27 August until Friday 13 September, 2013.

 For further information and to view the display panels for the exhibitions please click on the link below:

Revised Wichelstowe Plans|



Wichelstowe is a comprehensively planned, sustainable urban extension for Swindon.

Located to the north of the M4 between Junction 16 and Croft Road, Wichelstowe will include the following, set out across three neighbourhoods: East Wichel; Middle Wichel; and West Wichel:

  • Up to 4,500 new homes
  • Employment space
  • Public open space, including a country park
  • Shopping and community facilities for residents
  • 3 primary schools

The first new homes at East Wichel were occupied in April 2009. The whole development is expected to be completed by around 2025, although timescales will be dictated by market conditions and other factors.


Information on travel around Wichelstowe - including bus, taxis, cycling, walking, car sharing, travel related news and links to other useful websites - is now available on this site. To access the information use the main menu on the left of the screen or simply click on the link below.

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New Roads Now Open


A new route through the Wichelstowe development has opened, joining Croft Road to Wootton Basset Road, via Redposts Drive.